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OCB Energy Vision

OCB Energy Vision


To provide technically, socially, environmentally and economically responsible energy solutions adapted to context and needs, offering the best setup to our operations.


Initiation Development Implementation
Completed Ongoing Upcoming
The objective of the case is to extend the OCB Energy Vision to consider the potential of all energy alternatives (generators, photovoltaic solar panels, solar thermal panels, etc.). It will challenge traditional logics of energy planning and explore new approaches to satisfy the operational needs of MSF and to increase the impact on our beneficiaries. The project took a broad approach to map the current energy realities of the OCB operations, in terms of energy supply and energy needs. It combined quantitative data from internal reporting systems with qualitative input from communications with OCB.
Based on the mapping, learning outcomes are established and serve as basis in the development of a prioritized action plan for how to move forwards within the OCB Energy Vision.
To be continued as separate projects.

Case Owner:

MSF Operational Centre Brussels (OCB), LOG Department