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OCBA GIS strategy and practical action

OCBA GIS strategy and practical action

In a joint approach, the MSF Sweden Innovation Unit supports OCBA (MSF Operational Center Barcelona Athens) in defining and developing its GIS strategy for exploiting geospatial data in order to improve decision-making, reduce risks, early alert functions and optimise operations. Moreover, an overview analysis from a holistic point of view shall be performed to investigate the potential use and optimisation of geographical data and GIS within and together with MSF’s existing, planned for and desired operational tools and systems in general (Health Information Systems amongst other). More systematic approaches towards GIS are already ongoing within MSF with OCG GIS Unit and the Missing Maps Project collaboration at the Manson Unit in the forefront. We will off course take advantage of the their experience, competences and networks as well as look outside of the organization to identify the most suitable GIS strategy and actionable next steps. This way OCBA will not only be able to improve their operations by using existing knowledge but also contribute to a stronger GIS community and capacity within the MSF movement.


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