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Real-time surgery support

Real-time surgery support
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The objective is to explore the potential of real-time surgery support solutions that can improve surgical activities in MSF operations in order to increase quality of care and patient security.


Initiation Development Implementation
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Interviews with stakeholders within and outside of MSF, including several surgeons with field experience, telemedicine coordinators, and surgical advisors. Exploring potential solution proposals and tentative partners for field tests.

Case Owner:

MSF Operational Centre Amsterdam (OCA), Medical Department


  • Innovative Imaging Technologies, Toronto, ON, Canada
  • VSee, San Jose, CA, USA
  • Proximie, Boston, MA, USA
  • XMReality, Linköping, Sweden
  • Compodium, Luleå, Sweden


External financial support provided by Postkodlotteriet.


Andreas Larsson, Case Manager