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Refugees in transition

Refugees in transition
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Violent conflicts in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya, etc., and increasing exoduses from other countries with dangerous environments (Iran, Pakistan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Mali, Mauritania, and other North and West African countries) have resulted in an increase of risky migrations across the Mediterranean and Aegean seas, to Italy and Greece and onward through the Balkans.

One of the challenges concerning refugees in transition is how to give them better and quicker access to information about various services available to them by MSF. This case focuses on supporting refugees with information around health, safety and other relevant services available at their arrival in southern Europe and throughout their onward journey.


Initiation Development Implementation
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Workshop in Greece with representatives working around migration from the different projects in Italy, Greece, Serbia, and Macedonia (FYROM), represented by field coordinators, migrants, cultural mediators, head of missions, activists, other organizations, etc. Field visit to Idomeni, on the border between Greece and Macedonia (FYROM). Study of existing technologies to support refugees in transition. Field study in Italy and Greece to explore the needs of refugees and MSF staff.

Case Owner:

Operational Centre Brussels, Cell 2


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