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  • @ Chris Anderson

    @ Chris Anderson

The objective of Pathways is to contribute to the ongoing work of the scenarists at OCB by exploring the possible ways to translate the scenarists’ current “way of working” into a transferrable process across MSF-OCB. More specifically, by facilitating the design of a tool that guides logisticians through a strategic approach to the response to immediate operational and medical needs, as well as it builds their capacity to manage highly volatile situations, requiring constant strategy adjustments, therefore improving their performance. On one hand the outcome tool should help to streamline practices according to agreed quality standards but, on the other hand, it must not prescribe a strict work conduct in order to allow for the flexibility demanded in the field.


Initiation Development Implementation
Completed Ongoing Upcoming
Theoretical and design support in the development of tools for training and support of work. Organization of interviews and workshops to collect needs and requirements. Design and development of communication material for dissemination and feedback collection within MSF. Prototype training material and tools produced. Preparing field testing and pilots for the developed materials.

Case Owner:

Operational Centre Brussels, Logistics Department


  • Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), Delft, The Netherlands


External financial support provided by Postkodlotteriet.



PATHWAYS – MSF OCB and MSF Sweden Innovation Unit from MSF-Sweden Innovation Unit on Vimeo. (Voiceover: Big Tom Casting).