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  • OCB Energy Vision

    By on 7th December 2017

    Aim: To provide technically, socially, environmentally and economically responsible energy solutions adapted to context and needs, offering the best...

  • Essential Requirements for Infection Prevention Control in the Hospital Built Environment

    By on 11th May 2017

    Health care associated infections (HAI), or nosocomial infections, are a global problem that is frequently encountered in low-resource settings,...

  • @ Per-Erik Eriksson

    Sustainable off-grid oxygen concentration with direct solar power (SOX)

    By on 7th March 2017

    Oxygen is a lifesaving therapy for children, neonates as well as adults with pneumonia and hypoxia. The availability of...

  • @ Ludovic Gonet

    Steam sterilizer (autoclave)

    By on 16th December 2014

    Many medical devices are reusable and have to be sterilized after use in order to prevent healthcare associated infections....

  • @ MSF

    OT Ventilation, Filtration and Climate Control

    By on 20th September 2017

    Ventilation and filtration of air is standard in operating theaters in most high-income countries. However, in the MSF field...

  • Fuel Consumption

    By on 11th May 2017

    The SIU has been asked to support MSF OCB Log. Dept. in the acquiring, installation, testing and evaluating of...

  • @ Marpe Tanaka

    Cold chain indicators

    By on 16th December 2014

    The cold chain process ensures that vaccines, medicines and laboratory products are not exposed to too high or too...

  • @ Proximie

    Real-time surgery support

    By on 14th June 2016

    The objective is to explore the potential of real-time surgery support solutions that can improve surgical activities in MSF...

  • © Ton Koene

    Vacuum assisted wound dressing

    By on 3rd March 2015

    Conflict-related trauma wound healing is often complicated by contamination, infection and delay of treatment and medical staff within the...

    • @ Ana Laura Rodrigues Santos

    Catalogue of Medical Infrastructures

    By on 13th October 2015

    MSF staff faces several challenges in the field due to the use of infrastructure solutions often maladapted to the...