Using innovation to save lives and alleviate suffering.

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Get involved

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Partnering with the MSF Sweden Innovation Unit, be it as a corporate, volunteer, case manager or expert, it is crucial to understand that the MSF Sweden Innovation Unit is looking for partners that want to make a difference together with us in our vision to save lives and alleviate suffering wherever we are active. We want you to be more than just a business partner, understanding the added value and contribution this partnership can bring to the MSF social mission, as well as to you.


We are interested in partnering up with companies and organizations eager to co-create innovative products, services and processes that save lives and alleviate suffering.


MSF Sweden Innovation Unit offers volunteer and internship opportunities for innovation-oriented students and professionals wanting to contribute to MSF’s innovation capability.

Case Manager

We are looking for experienced case managers to coordinate a range of internal and external stakeholders in the process of identifying needs, generating solution proposals, and bringing innovative concepts to real use situations.


Depending on the nature of our respective cases, MSF Sweden Innovation Unit is always in need of experts in various domains, including engineering, human resources, and intellectual property management.

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