MSF Sweden Innovation Unit Pediatric Hackathon Round-Up

At the MSF Sweden Innovation Unit (SIU), we practice a human-centered design approach to innovation projects. Essentially this means that we strive to consistently put end-users first and ensure their needs are properly researched, understood and analysed as the first stage of any MSF SIU innovation project. 

Since 2015 the SIU has been exploring different innovation cases brought forward by MSF field staff, and others within the organisation, looking to scale potential solutions for challenges they have identified first hand. In order to do this the SIU champions a three step process of initiation, development and implementation.

The SIU initiated the Pediatric Innovation Hackathon in April 2018 in an effort to capitalize on the external and internal knowledge base available in Stockholm for the annual MSF Pediatric Days which were held with a global MSF pediatric cohort the day after the hackathon. The presence of the core Pediatrics Days being held in Stockholm, meant that broader Pediatric challenges, current care practices and incoming priorities were being discussed by a broader MSF community signalling an opportune moment to engage this group and the wider movement in the Innovation Unit efforts in order to accelerate pediatric care practices of the future. 

The document below document highlights why a hackathon was selected as a method of exploration, the challenges that were selected for the process, an insight into the  outcomes from the two day workshop, and into the anticipated and actual next steps.

Based on the outcomes, interactions and connections that resulted from the Pediatric Innovation and Scientific Days the SIU are currently exploring various options for co-development of the challenges for potential future implementation in the field. 

If you feel any of the challenges mentioned in this document are relevant to your interests or expertise, either within or outside of the MSF context, please feel free to reach out to the SIU Medical Lead Lindsay Bryson at  


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