The Innovation Partnerships Project



The Innovations Partnerships Project (IPP) is aimed at improving the understanding of how MSF can better position itself when engaging with external partners on innovative projects – often based around co-creation, R&D or service provision. These partnerships take various forms and will often result in new products or services that might be used internally or go to market.

As an independent humanitarian organisation that fiercely guards its independence, finding the best way to reconcile MSF’s principles with the commercial interests of potential partners can be difficult. As such, the SIU has embarked on a multiphase project to better understand the issues that come up frequently in such collaborations and produce material and guidance that will better inform the MSF innovation community on how to avoid common pitfalls and better leverage MSF’s position as a well-respected humanitarian organisation.


A holistic scoping exercise to investigate what has proven successful and unsuccessful in the recent past in regards to partnerships within the MSF innovation sphere and what lessons can be learnt from them.

Based on the mapping and results of the existing case analysis, we have developed a toolbox to better equip MSFers when engaging in innovation partnership projects.

Being distributed movement-wide.


The Innovation Partnerships Project: The Final Report

The IPP Toolbox (Internal)

TIC Project Summary


MSF SIU (linked to Transformational Investment Capacity)


Louis Potter, Case Manager, MSF Sweden Innovation Unit