Fuel consumption



The SIU has been asked to support MSF OCB Log. Dept. in the acquiring, installation, testing and evaluating of a fuel level sensor system for use in monitoring of diesel consumption on a unit level (vehicle/generator). The test is small scale and works as the first phase out of potentially three (field pilot and broader implementation being the others).

Overall objectiveas are i) to test and evaluate the use of the fuel level sensor system in an MSF context in terms of general applicability, feasibility, accuracy, and long-term robustness and economy. ii) To simultaneously address fuel consumption in a broader sense, looking closer into needs and requirements of fuel consumption also considering human centered/non-technical aspects (user perspective, trust, contextual considerations, organizational aspects, etc.).


Managing of the purchasing and installation of 5 sensor units (3 cars, 2 generators). In collaboration with OCB Log. Dept. and EBC, set up evaluation criteria and test schemes and – through test driving, interviewing and analysis – gather, arrange and evaluate the test results. Set up a brief report covering the tests and the evaluation of the aspects mentioned under i) above, as well as recommendations on whether or not to proceed to field testing and further implementation (Phase 2/3). Overall framing of the fuel consumption matter, capturing of the background for application of fuel level sensors and potentially proposing of complementary measures, actions or investigations.



Case Owner

Operational Centre Brussels, Logistics Back Office




Filip Linders, Case Manager
Marpe Tanaka, Innovation Lead

EnergyLouis Potter