Health Information System (HIS)



Health related data is one of the most important sources of information when taking decisions on if, when and how we should use our resources to perform medical activities in field. Today, OCA Medical Department relies on a system that is currently managed entirely through a series of complex spreadsheets (Excel based). This severely impedes the potential on how we can use all the information gathered in our projects affecting operational and strategic decisions making at different levels of the organization, in the end affecting our staff and patients.

Managing health related data in the best possible way is crucial for an organization like MSF and the ongoing HIS projects in different OCs with the objective to improve these activities is a clear sign that this is a prioritized and important area. MSF Sweden Innovation Unit has worked closely with the Manson Unit in order to upgrade OCA’s existing HIS. The current system inherently makes data collection complex, manually intensive and prone to error. In addition, reporting is relatively slow and lacks the flexibility, quality and pedagogic dimension that an integrated data base application could offer. By providing technical advise and support including a perspective with strong focus on usability, software architecture, Business Intelligence, agile methodologies in a strategy centred solution approach we believe that we will contribute to a sustainable and functional HIS solution. This will improve OCA’s ability to undertake projects worldwide and enable to capture, aggregate and analyse vital medical data and greatly assist decision-making and the appropriate deployment of resources that will ultimately have a positive impact on our patients.


Interviews, workshops and use case analysis.



Case Owner

Manson Unit (for OCA Medical Department)




Claes Philip Staiger, IT Expert
Marpe Tanaka, Innovation Lead

ITLouis Potter