Video Observed TB Treatment (VOT)


Adherence to TB treatment is vital to prevent disease relapse or amplification of drug resistance. Current strategy of Directly Observed Therapy (DOT) involves daily intake of TB drugs in presence of healthcare provider. Long treatment periods (up to 2 years) are linked to loss of Quality Adjusted Life Years (QALY) for patients. DOT is expensive, resource-intensive and burdensome on patients, providers and health systems. As a result, DOT implementation is frequently inadequate.

Video Observed Treatment (VOT) involves patients’ video recording themselves using mobile phones while taking their medications and transferring the videos using a web based secure interface to DOT workers for review. VOT is a WHO approved treatment adherence tool for use in TB patients. VOT is accurate and provides reliable evidence that medications were swallowed. Additionally, it reduces the burden on providers and health systems and improves QALY for patients. VOT is not yet implemented across MSF-OCA projects.

The goal of this project will be to gain a deep understanding and mapping of current systems used for VoT and to assess the needs needed within MSF programs and provide the team with user friendly and appropriate technology.


The VoT case manager has recently visited the first project location and completed and mapping of the current system. Recommendations have been made regarding applications in Belarus, these are to be reviewed and next steps decided with the Practecal team.




MSF OCA (TB practecal study)
MSF Sweden Innovation Unit


MSF Sweden Innovation Unit


Lindsay Bryson, Medical Innovation Officer, SIU
Marpe Tanaka, Innovation Lead, SIU

Francesc Galban, Case Leader