Our Unit

One descriptive way of thinking of the SIU is as an internal consultancy who can provide their services where needed on individual projects or in aid of a particular initiative. 


Our values

The foundation for innovation.

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Proximity to field

We are heavily user-centred, valuing access to the needs in real field contexts.

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We rely on strong partnerships inside and outside of MSF, across sectors, organizations and disciplines.

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We strive to be well-organized and systematic, to allow for effective scaling and maximum impact.

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Failing forward

We promote a culture of iteration and experimentation, where accelerating our learning curve is key.

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We are aiming for ideas with real impact, requiring a balance between long-term vision and short-term action.

Maximising the innovation capability of MSF

In the humanitarian sector, where responding quickly to rapidly emerging crisis situations is absolutely crucial, humanitarian organisations struggle to maintain a balance between addressing short-term needs and building the capability to meet long-term challenges. MSF Sweden Innovation Unit explores a human-centered approach for promoting a culture of innovation within MSF, to more effectively co-create innovations that save lives and alleviate suffering.

Supporting MSF Operational Centres

One of MSF Sweden’s objectives is to support the Operational Centres (OC) with more than financial and human resources. MSF Sweden Innovation Unit is one such contribution, allowing Operational Centres to more effectively explore needs, problems and opportunities within and outside of the organization.

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