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From our work we provide a range of tools and reports. Our reports are often the finalised product of our cases with the MSF Operational Centres and will encompass a range of research from the three stages of our innovation method — Initiation, Development and Implementation. 

Project reports


Project Report: Smart Time Temperature Indicator

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Project Factsheet: Sustainable off-grid oxygen concentration with direct solar power

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OCB Energy Vision - Executive summary

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OCB Energy Vision - Full Report

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SOX – Sustainable off-grid oxygen concentration with direct solar power

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Our online toolkit aims to help MSFers achieve in their innovation projects. 


Now/Wow/How Workshop guide
A workshop method for collaborative innovation.




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Innovation for International Development
"Experiences, insights and practical advice from more than 20 leading practitioners in innovation for international development, brought together in one collection."

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Short questionnaire for participants of previous/ongoing MSF innovation projects
The form is part of the Innovation Partnerships Project and the data will be used to better understand the issues that have arisen during previous partnership projects.

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SIU Case Diagnostics
This tools is used to gain a better understanding of the needs and status of possible collaborations between the SIU and other actors. If you're interested in working with the SIU on a project, please fill out this form. 

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External resources

Some links to things outside of the SIU, but related to innovation or MSF.

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MSF Scientific Days website

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Introducing 'for profit' initiatives and actors in humanitarian response


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MSF Financial Reports

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The 2016 MSF activity report


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The Humanitarian R&D Imperative - Deloitte

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